Visa Extensions in Iloilo - Philippines

Foreign tourists in the Philippines who get mesmerized by the beauty of the country and decide to extend their stay can apply for visa extensions. This should be done seven days prior to the expiration of the tourists approved stay in the county.

Tourists who are staying in Iloilo do not need to leave the island to extend their visas. Application forms for visa extension can be obtained from the District Office of the Bureau of Immigration in Iloilo. The district office can be contacted through the following details:

BI Iloilo District Office

Customs House Bldg.

2nd floor Aduana St.

Iloilo City 5000

Noel Abad Ojoy - Acting ACV

Phone: (033) 337-5869

Fax: (033) 509-9651

The accomplished application form should be submitted together with the following requirements: a photocopy of the applicants passport, the original Philippine visa, the applicants most recent arrival card, and other relevant documents which will support the validity of the applicants request for extension of stay.

Visa extensions are granted within one day if processed through the express processing lane. If processed through the regular processing lane, visa extensions are usually granted after one week. Please note that express processing visa extensions for restricted nationals takes three days.

The regular visa extension fee is P500 for every month of extension. A P500 extra fee is charged for express processing. Foreign tourists who overstayed without an approved visa is fined P500 for every month of overstay (or a portion thereof).

Foreign tourists are granted two (2) months for every extension applied for. Visa extensions for an accumulated period of one year are approved by the Chief of the Visa Extension Section. Visa extensions for foreign tourists who have already stayed in the country for one year need to be approved by the bureaus Commissioner and Associate Commissioners based on the merits of the application.

Please note that the length of visa extension for restricted nationals is different from unrestricted nationals. Restricted nationals are only granted one month per application for visa extension with a maximum accumulated period of six months. Applications for extension beyond this limit need to be approved by the bureaus Commissioner and Associate Commissioners based on the merits of the application.

Applications for visa extensions which are submitted by accredited travel agencies or law firms on behalf of the applicants will no longer require personal appearance of the applicant. But there are still instances when the applicant is required to appear in person before the Chief of the Visa Extension Section of the Bureau of Immigration.



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