RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel

Considered as one of the most famous, attractive, and appealing hospitality service providers in the province of Iloilo, Philippines, RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel is much known for its unique and attractive facilities. Aside from the resort facilities, this Iloilo hotel offers affordable and relaxing guestrooms to everyone who wants to stay in the place for several days. Furthermore, this captivating resort is easy to locate since it is accessible to various forms of transportation available in the province.

Special Facilities at RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel

Even if RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel is only a three-star hospitality service provider in Iloilo, guests have nothing to worry since it features special facilities for their recreation, entertainment, and enjoyment. This Iloilo hotel is very popular for its well-maintained zoo and attractive theme park. Inside the resorts Animal Cave Museum, guests can find some replicas of artworks done by early man. Meanwhile, for those who like to try different sports, RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel provides facilities for billiards and target shooting. Moreover, guests can always take a dip at any of the three swimming pools of this Iloilo hotel. Above all, it has a pavilion and function rooms for individuals who want to hold special events at the resort.

Guestrooms at RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel

For the convenience of guests who want to stay in the resort for several days, RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel features comfortable and affordable rooms that they can occupy. Each room is equipped with modern and efficient air conditioning system. In addition, the guestrooms have private bathrooms with cold and hot shower, cable television sets, and mini dining area. Furthermore, this Iloilo hotel provides dining services to all of the visitors staying in any of its clean and spacious guestrooms. Accommodation rates at this resort range from 2,000 pesos to 4,000 pesos a day.


Situated along Rizal-Tiguisan Highway within the municipality of Guimbal in Iloilo, RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-Hotel is near to some tourist destinations like Guimbal Moro Watchtower and Guimbal Church. There are also dining places nearby such as South Park Grill Restaurant. For guests and tourists who like to make advance bookings at this Iloilo Hotel can contact and arrange with the resorts management through these numbers, (033) 315-5504, (033) 337-0033, and (033) 512-0014. With all the interesting facilities and affordable accommodations, it is best that travelers and tourists in Iloilo visit this wonderful and splendid resort.



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