Museo Iloilo in Iloilo - Philippines

Philippine museums are a showcase of each provinces culture and history, and the Museo Iloilo is no exception. If you want to explore in depth the ideas, beliefs and traditions of the people, a stopover to this site will be necessary.

The Museo Iloilo contains several types of artifacts and relics. Among the many items that you will find in the confines of the edifice are several tools that were used by some of the earliest tribes that have livsed in the province. These include jars, pottery and ornaments. There are also several fossils and skeletons as well as information on their burial rites and customs.

There are other features in the Museo Iloilo that tourists will see. Among them are the pottery and vases from ancient China, evidence that the peoples of the land had trade relations with their Asian neighbors. There are also several photographs and images taken from some of the most pivotal points in its history. A lot of them are from the period covering World War II. There are also several sculptures done by Filipino artists dating from the Spanish times.

Very popular among visitors to the Museo Iloilo are the ancient weapons, including the swords, knives and other items that were used by the ancient warriors. There is also the Santo Entiero or Dead Christ, a Last Supper tableau, artifacts from the Mondo tribe, burial urns, various statues of saints and religious figures, and relics from pre Malay peoples.

Art is given ample space in the Museo Iloilo, as paintings, both from modern artists in the province as well as the older ones, are displayed prominently. There are also various handicrafts being showcased as well. Going over the various exhibits you will see that the features encompass the whole of Western Visayas and are not just confined to the province.

The Museo Iloilo can be found at Iloilo City along Bonifacio Drive. It is very easy to reach. You just hail any public utility vehicle and ask them to take you to the Tourism Department Regional Office building. The museum is only a walking distance away. The entrance fee is only 5 Php.

The goal of the Museo Iloilo is to preserve the cultural heritage of its people, and it succeeds in this endeavor. Besides that, however, it also allows a visiting tourist to get acquainted with the ideals of its citizens, past and present.



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