Katagman Festival in Iloilo - Philippines

Many travelers from the different parts of the Philippines watch Katagman Festival, a famous and special celebration in the province of Iloilo that relives its history and recognizes its heritage. This event features interesting activities for the enjoyment and entertainment of tourists and local people. In order to watch this festival, it is important that travelers know important details about it like the exact place where Katagman Festival is celebrated, as well as the history and cost of observing the celebration.

How to Get to Barangay San Antonio, San Miguel

Celebrated from the last week of April to the first week of May, Katagman Festival is annually held at Barangay San Antonio within the municipality of San Miguel in Iloilo province. To reach this place, tourists from Manila City and Cebu City can take flights going to the airport of Iloilo. On the other hand, for those who prefer to travel by sea, they can ride in vessels bound to Iloilo seaport. From the airport and seaport, there are numerous jeepneys that can take them to San Miguel. As they reach San Miguel, they can ride in tricycles and jeepneys bound to Barangay San Antonio.

Activities Featured in Katagman Festival

Most tourists and local residents like to observe Katagman Festival because it features several enjoyable, interesting, and exciting activities. To start the celebration, the municipal government usually opens an exhibit that includes historical artifacts and artworks in the province. Additionally, at the start of this festival, local residents hold a Garden Show and an Agricultural Fair. Other special activities that tourists like to see when they watch Katagman Festival are a beauty pageant, a food fiesta, motorboat race, and mountain bike race. For the highlight of this celebration, people can watch different cultural presentations that depict the way of life of early tribes in Iloilo province including Tribu Parayan, Tribu Malaca, and Tribu Mandaragat.


Katagman Festival is celebrated annually to recognize the foundation of the province of Iloilo. According to historians in the Philippines, the history of the province started with the settlement of some tribes at Barangay San Antonio, which is known in the early times as Katagman. Additionally, Barangay San Antonio is the place where the countrys initial regional government was established. For tourists who want to watch the celebration, they need to allocate at least 5,000 pesos for the transportation and accommodation expenses. To enjoy this festival, it is best that tourists make advance bookings at hotels in the province several weeks before the opening of the celebration.



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