Jeepney in Iloilo - Philippines

Wherever you may be in the Philippines, the most popular means of going around is always through a jeepney. And that is no different when you are in Iloilo.

The jeepney may be unknown to other countries but to the Pearl of the Orient, it talks about a lot of the Filipino culture; it forms a huge part of the Filipino way of life. Basically, a jeepney is a motor-run vehicle with flamboyant designs and a long seat that could carry numerous passengers. It is mainly used to bring people around in various routes. In Iloilo for example, there are countless jeepney routes that would easily take you from one amazing place to another. Key points, especially those dubbed as tourist spots are very much in the equation. You certainly would not have a difficult time reaching a target destination because a jeepney will take you there.

There are other means of transportation in Iloilo. And that include busses, taxis, and pedicabs but ultimately, choosing to ride the jeepney over those other options is the best. Why, it is very cheap, very convenient, very stylish, very Filipino. You would have a better glimpse of the Filipino culture and heritage if you let yourself experience the jeepney.

Jeepneys are practically everywhere in Iloilo. Your PhP7 can get you four kilometers farther from your origin. Do not be afraid of getting lost. Aside from the jeepneys being on simple routes, the Ilonggos are also very friendly. You can bank on their friendliness so as not to lose your way at any point in your trip.

One remarkable note about jeepneys in Iloilo is that they are not as flamboyant and as flashy as those that you can find in Manila, the Philippines capital. They are dressed simply, more similar to the fierra than to the jeepney that the country is known for. But they do strike attention, especially of foreigners who are knew to the idea.

Also, the jeepney drivers are not in a rush. In Manila, where life is busy, jeepney drivers are always in a hurry. They would step on the gas for God knows how fast until the city traffic stops them underway. In Iloilo, jeepney drivers are as laid back as the province is. That should not be a problem though for travelers who want to savor each moment that they have with Iloilo. It is the best way to appreciate going around town, after all.

Traveling to Iloilo is indeed made even colorful by the presence of stylish and unique mode of transport the jeepney!



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