Iloilo Beaches

Iloilo is endowed with natural wonders. People are drawn to Iloilo’s cascading waterfalls, rice terraces, islands and islets. Of all these beautiful sights, people are more attracted to Iloilo beaches. The island, indeed, boasts of fine white sand beaches fringed with tropical palms. This is why many people enjoy island hopping in Iloilo. When exploring the various coasts and beaches, you will likely come across the shadowy caves of Gigantes Island, the charming islets surrounding Sicogon, and the impressive Pan de Azucar silhouette.

You will find numerous Iloilo beaches with beautiful resorts scattered all over the province. These beaches are popular among local and foreign tourists. These resorts offer quality service, up-to-date amenities and facilities and laid-back atmosphere.

Antonia Beach

If you would love to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should visit the Antonia Beach. This beach is located at the Isla de Gigantes at Carles, Iloilo. It is the perfect getaway for busy folks who dream of spending lazy days just beach combing, snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. In truth, you will find veritable paradise in Concepcion and Carles beaches.

Bolobadiangan Beach

One of the famous Iloilo beaches is Bolobadiangan Beach which is located at Concepcion. This beach is often dotted with corals, but like most beaches in Concepcion, it boasts of fine white sand produced by corals and lime stones. Some parts of the beach have yellowish sand. Many local and foreign tourists flock to this beach because of its clear turquoise water and fine yellowish sand. One of the unique features of this beach is its above-water level sandbar that forms a barrier-like structure at the beach. A similar sandbar can be found in Bantigue in Isla de Gigantes in Carles.

Agho and Tambaliza Beaches

Two of the best Iloilo Beaches are the Agho and Tambaliza Beaches. Again, these are found in Concepcion. These beaches are great if you want to enjoy nature at its purest glory. These are practically left at their undisturbed states. Other beaches that offer the same pleasure are Dacongbaybay, Balbagon and Sicogon in Carles and Marbuena and Nasidman beaches in Ajuy. These beaches are simply wonderful. Marbuena, for one, is one of the most photographed beaches in the province.

Anhawan Leisure Camp

If you want to do some water sports activities while you are in Iloilo, you should consider visiting the Anhawan Leisure Camp where you can enjoy speedboat racing, windsurfing, sailing, sunset cruising, kayaking and scuba diving. The Iloilo Sailing Club and LSDC Dive Camp in San Joaquin also offer great water sports activities. You can also do some sunbathing while you are in these resorts. They offer secluded areas where you can sunbathe at your own leisure.

Puerto del Mar

When you look up Iloilo beaches, you will probably come across beaches that are located in Guimaras. One of the most popular beaches in that island is Puerto del Mar. It has a beautiful resort that boasts of a conventional hall, game hall, gift shop, conference hall, sports complex and beach cottages. There are still other beaches in Guimaras that you might want to see and explore.

Indeed, Iloilo beaches are all worthy of note because all of them are perfect getaways. You will also find great accommodation and reasonably priced rooms in any of these Iloilo beaches.

More Iloilo Beaches

There are other Iloilo beaches that are popular among tourists. These beaches are perfect for weekend vacations. They are also perfect summer getaways. The waves are at their gentlest during the summer. These include Villarica, Sol Y Mar, Coco Grove, Bantayan, San Roque, Shamrock, Sunrise, Lorenzville, Tobog, Basang-Basa and Bogtong Bato. Many of these have resorts with restaurants that line up the waterfront, so it is not surprising that tourists come to these Iloilo beaches in droves.



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