How to get to Iloilo

Going to Iloilo? Have no fear because the city is accessible with any mode of transportation. Here are the traveling options when going to Iloilo.

How to get to Iloilo By Air

Iloilo International Airport serves the general area of Iloilo City as well as the regional heart of Western Visayas. It was inaugurated in June 2007 as a replacement for Mandurriao Airport, which had served tourists and residents alike for almost 70 years.

Iloilo International Airport (IIA) acquired the old facility’s IATA and ICAO airport codes as well as its distinction as the fourth busiest airport in the country.

The Air Transportation Office (ATO), the main agency of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) tasked with overseeing the operations of all airports in the country, has designated it as a secondary international airport.
Iloilo International Airport (IIA) is recognized as the pioneer international airport established in Western Visayas as well as in Panay Island. Along with Mactan-Cebu International Airport and the Bacolod-Silay City International Airport, the IIA are the three international airports in the island of Visayas.

Located at Tomas Confesor Highway, Iloilo International Airport can be reachable from all parts of the province and Panay through different land-based modes of transportation. Its nearness to the Panay Railways network is likely to connect it to the remaining islands of Panay via railroads.

A train connecting Iloilo International Airport to the city proper, resembling Hong Kong’s Airport Express, has been suggested. Since then, the government of Iloilo City has commissioned a study to determine whether a train service is indeed feasible.

Aside from that, the revival of the Panay Railways network was suggested to establish a rail connection between the airport and city.

The airport complex is connected by a secondary access road which branches from the main road towards the airport. Iloilo International Airport is linked to the city proper through Tomas Confesor Highway. A bypass road, the Bangga Gama in Santa Barbara, which connects to a 3-kilometer 30 meter wide access road connecting the highway to the airport. Due to its width, the highway can accommodate up to four lanes of traffic. Travel from the airport to the city proper is estimated at half an hour.

The Airlines that are available in the international airport are:

Air Philippines-the office in Iloilo City of Air Philippines is located at General Luna Street, City Proper. The Contact Numbers of Air Philippines are (+63) (33)3208048, (+63)(33)3208049 and (+63)(33)5085513.

Cebu Pacific-the office of Cebu Pacific in Iloilo is at SM City Iloilo, Diversion Road. The contact numbers of Cebu Pacific are (+63) (33)3208017, (+63)(33)3206889, (+63)(33)3206582 and (+63)(33)3294660.

Philippine Airlines-Office-the office of Philippine Airlines is at Diversion Road, adjacent to SM City Iloilo. The contact numbers of Philippine Airlines are: (+63)(33)3203030, (+63)(33)3203131 and (+63)(33)207151.

How to get to Iloilo By Sea

By boat, it takes about twenty-hours at most from Iloilo to Manila. From Zamboanga, sixteen hours; Cagayan de Oro, fourteen hours; Cebu, 12 hours. Bacolod is a just a one hour trip from Iloilo.

Public transportation

Although public transport routes to and from the Iloilo International Airport is still under study, transport services franchises going to the airport have not yet been issued by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Airport Shuttle Service

If you do not have a lot of luggage, riding the airport shuttle L300 van is another convenient way to travel. Passengers will pay around seventy-five pesos for the ride. The terminal of the airport shuttle service is at SM City Iloilo.

At the moment, there is a shuttle service from Iloilo City to the airport which picks up and drops off passengers at SM City Iloilo and Jaro Plaza. Likewise, there is a taxi service from the city proper to Iloilo International Airport. On the average, the cost of the fare from Jaro Plaza to the airport is P163 pesos.

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Taxi Services

Travelers can also hire a cab. If you are going to the Iloilo International Airport from the main city, it would cost you around two hundred to three hundred pesos. There is no regulated cost for the taxi ride to the Iloilo International Airport; the cost would depend on how far you are actually from the Airport and your agreement with your cab driver. If you are riding a taxi from the Iloilo Airport going to the city, the taxis charge a cheaper fare.

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Riding the jeepney is the cheapest mode of transportation to the international airport. From the airport, you can ride an airport multicab for a minimum fare. It will drop you off at the Bannga Dama near the Total Gas Station. From there, you can ride a jeepney for “Santa Barbara” (fifteen pesos to twenty pesos). The jeepney for Santa Barbara also has a stop at SM City Iloilo..

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With these travel options, one can easily reach Iloilo.



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