Guimaras Island: Relaxing With Nature

The best vacation is defined as visiting a pristine island with breathtaking sceneries and lots of activities, while enjoying the best mango fruit. Such vacation is not farfetched. Guimaras Island is that island that promises your dream vacation.

With dry season between November and April and wet season between May and October, Guimaras Island is a small island located between the islands of Negros and Panay, and is northwest of Iloilo province. It is one of the lesser-known destinations in the country with veritable treasures and charms.

Visitors have a number of options to use to get to Guimaras Island. From Manila, they can take the plane via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines to Iloilo City. From Iloilo City, they can take the ferryboat to the islands capital, Jordan, in 15 minutes. There are also boat trips from Cebu and Bacolod to Iloilo City.

The first development in the island of Guimaras was during the Spanish era at the time of spreading Christianity. It was also during this period where the first government was established. Originally a sub-province of Iloilo, the Guimaras Island became a regular province in May 22, 1992.

The Guimaras Island features a lot of tourist attractions. For jaded travelers who want to enjoy quality time lazing around with nature, the island provides 3 types of resorts: island, beach and mountain resorts.

Costa Aguada Island Resort is one of the island resorts with an abundance of nature, featuring a wealth of wild life and several virgin forests. The resorts room rates are between $50.00 and $70.00. It offers island-hopping and sightseeing tours, including a tour of the islands cottage industry.

For people wanting to spend time by the beachfront, they have the option of staying at one of the beach resorts in the Guimaras Island. Beach resorts offer a number of facilities like picnic huts and cottages. The average picnic hut is P150.00, while that of an air-conditioned cottage, with single bed, is P1,500.00 per night. Aside from the beach, visitors can also enjoy video karaoke, indoor sports and island-hopping tours.

For people wanting to enjoy a scenic location atop a hill, mountain resorts are provided. These resorts provide facilities, like swimming pools and cottages. Use of the pool is averaging P40.00 per adult. Some mountain resorts have spring pools at an average of P30.00 per person. Some provide mountain hiking tours for P200.00 per day.

Guimaras Island provides other attractions like several farms, adventure park, and eco-tourism sites. The farms include orchards, bee, salt and aqua culture ponds. The eco-tourism site, Guimaras Adventure Park, provides several adventure games, including paintball, rappelling, shooting and horseback riding.

Nature lovers can also enjoy the numerous caves within the island. The Higante Cave is abundant with stalagmites and stalactites. Other caves, like the Capitoguan Cave, are rich in guanos due to its bat inhabitants.

Being a producer of high-quality mangoes, the Guimaras Island also has a mango research center. The island has around 8,000 hectares of mango orchards.

Visitors can also visit other notable sites, including the trappist monastery of the Cistercian Order of String Observance, and the Guisi Lighthouse built in 1896.

The Guimaras Island is also known for being rich in festivities. During April, it holds the annual weeklong mango festivity, promoting the island as the Mango Country. It also holds a mountain bike festival, promoting environmentalism and bicycle sport.

With so many activities to choose from, each visitor can have a relaxing time in the island. Truly, Guimaras Island is a must-see for all travelers who want quality and nature in one beautiful spot.



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