Climate in Iloilo - Philippines

As you plan your vacation, it would be a good idea if you do not just make an itinerary of the places you want to visit, but also consider the climate in Iloilo. This is one aspect of your trip that can make all the difference in the world.

The Philippines being a tropical country, the climate in Iloilo is generally characterized by having two seasons. The first is what can be called the summer period beginning in October lasting up to the end of May. The rainy season on the other hand, commences from early or mid June up to September.

It needs to be said that although the summer season begins in October, the weather is not constant; that is, the climate in Iloilo is marked by a gradual increase in the temperatures. At the beginning of the month, the air and the humidity will still be rather damp, as it is just passing from the rainy season.

Indeed, although the rain will have stopped by this time, it is not unusual to have some cold spells in the latter part of November all the way to January. There have also been times when this cold period (dubbed winter sometimes) last through the months of December to January.

The climate in Iloilo however, will get hotter by the time the calendar rolls over to March. As with most of the Philippines, the air begins to dry out at this point and temperatures start going above 30 degrees Celsius. The hottest and driest months are usually in the period between late March up to late May. This is usually the period when people go on vacation, coming as it does alongside the Holy Week break (a week long holiday in March or April), as well as the end of classes.

By the end of May the climate in Iloilo cools down and gradually the rainy period begins once more. The largest amount of rainfall begins in late June up to the end of August and will continue sporadically in September. It is also worth mentioning that Iloilo, like most of Western Visayas, is not subject to the super typhoons as often as the other regions.

Studying the weather and climate in Iloilo is not as fun as going to its beaches or historical landmarks. But by investing the time and effort, you will find that your vacation will be more enjoyable as you can go out without worrying about the rain.



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