Arroyo Fountain in Iloilo - Philippines

One of the most beautiful, interesting, and captivating man-made sightseeing spots in the province of Iloilo, Arroyo Fountain is visited by many tourists in the place because of its symbolic value. For those who are new to the province and are interested to see this tourist destination, they will not have problems locating it since many jeepneys and taxis transport people to the area where it is situated. In addition, there are nearby commercial establishments and attractions that serve as landmarks to this captivating and appealing water fountain.

Location and How to Reach This Tourist Destination

Situated in the heart of Iloilo City, Arroyo Fountain is very easy to visit. Tourists who will be coming from Cebu City or Manila City and who want to reach the place in less than an hour, they can ride in flights going to Iloilo airport. Meanwhile, for those who want to have relaxing travel time, they can ride in boats or vessels bound to Iloilo seaport. From the ports of the province, they can find numerous taxis and jeepneys that can transport people to Iloilo City. As tourists reach the city, there are tricycles that can bring them directly to the sightseeing spot.

Description of the Site

Arroyo Fountain is a classy and stylish water fountain in Iloilo. Many people like to see this man-made attraction because it depicts neoclassic design. In addition, tourists visit this spot to see the alluring and appealing structures of four women holding basins above their heads. Moreover, travelers who will go to this water fountain have nothing to worry since there are retail shops, convenient stores, and restaurants nearby. Furthermore, the fountain is in front of another tourist spot in the province, Provincial Capitol or popularly known to local people as Casa Real.

History and Cost

According to social historians, Arroyo Fountain was built by early people in the province as a way of recognizing the commitment of former Senator Jose Maria Arroyo to the establishment of Metro Iloilo Water Works. Most residents in Iloilo City also agree that Arroyo contributed a lot to the economic improvements in the place. In terms of budget, people who like to visit this sightseeing spot have nothing to worry since they do not need to spend huge amount of money to see the site. From Iloilo airport and seaport, tourists only need to allot less than $100 pesos to view this beautiful, interesting, and symbolic Iloilo water fountain.



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